Innovation and Technology

Technology will change.
In the last thirty years, we have witnessed an unprecedented revolution in the accessibility of information and the ease of communication. Kiski has always recognized the importance of technology and its effects on society. True to our mission, we've made technology a significant part of a Kiski education since the 1970's. We began a program in 1998 that gives each boy the use of a laptop during his time here at Kiski. To maximize technological efficiency, every room on campus -- both in the academic buildings and dormitories -- has access to our local area network and the Internet.

Our commitment to innovation will not.
Even though it is difficult to predict how each coming year will contribute to high-tech possibilities, Kiski has a detailed five-year plan for continued technological development and implementation on campus. A goal for the near future includes extending the wireless network to blanket our entire 300-acre campus. This plan guarantees that Kiski always will be ready to incorporate the latest technology into our educational experience.

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List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • The Innovation Lab and Makerspace

    The Innovation Lab is rich with technology and tools including: a 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC router, Sprout HP computers, green screen, a large format poster printer, band saw, drill press, and a full complement of tools, benches, and workspaces. The space allows students to prototype, make models, solve problems, and create original inventions. Students utilize the space to make air-powered cars, laser cut originally designed rockets and planes, create luminaries, construct mouse trap cars and other hands-on projects. Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, and Corel Draw are several graphic design and CAD programs students learn to use in the makerspace. Also featured in the space is the ISS Above software which displays information about the overhead path of the International Space Station.  All classes are able to use the space for various projects, but most notable are the STEAM and Inventionland courses.  

    A course that introduces the sciences through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math; Kiski STEAM is centered on unit projects in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science. In this problem-based course, students will be introduced to Newton’s Laws of Motion, atomic structure, the periodic table, types of reactions, ecosystems, food chains, and the interdependent web of life. Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are integrated naturally throughout the course; each unit will provide a template for students to learn and develop their skills in; oral presentation, engineering design, prototyping, graphing calculator and Vernier probe technology, 3-D printing and software, as well as making sketches, models, and capturing photographs and videos as tools to personify the analytical skills they are learning. Each unit ends with a cumulative project presentation in which students will progress from presenting their work in front of students and their teachers, to presentations which involve a formal panel of judges. 
  • The Kiski Laptop Program

    Enhancing education…
    In 1998, The Kiski School began providing every one of our boys with a laptop computer. The laptop program has been a resounding success. Not only do all of our boys carry their laptops around campus, they also use them in all of their academic coursework. The computers allow students to participate in directed online research activities, access and submit assignments through our network, and use the latest in educational software.

    For the past few years the teaching faculty at The Kiski School has been using "tablet" laptop computers.  In fact Kiski is featured as an IBM Thinkpad Academy.

    Ensuring equity…

    When designing instructional activities, teachers must always consider the ability of each student to access the tools necessary to complete the assignment. In most educational environments, this equity issue restricts their creativity. This is nowhere more apparent than in the public school system, where teachers must reserve time in a computer lab if they want to incorporate technology in their classes. The laptop program at Kiski enables us to guarantee all of our students absolute equity, combining the very best in educational tools.
  • Technology In The Classroom

    Laptops are just the beginning...
    Our laptop program alone ranks The Kiski School as a technological leader among secondary schools in the United States. The extent to which students and teachers use their computers in the classroom is remarkable. No matter the discipline-from foreign language to art-these tools have replaced the need for traditional "pencil and paper" tasks with their 21st century substitutes.

    And there's no end in sight...

    We're proud of our technological progress, but we're even more excited about our continuing efforts to use technology in order to improve the education of our boys. In our mathematics and science courses, the TI-Nspire is an integral part of classroom instruction. (In fact, several of our math and science faculty members have written workbooks for Texas Instruments.)

    In many of our classrooms, teachers use SmartNotes™ instead of traditional class notes to increase the efficiency of their lessons. Rather than fretting over correctly copying a complicated mathematical proof, students can access the class notes that teachers post directly to our network, enabling them to pay full attention during the lesson without sacrificing the ability to review notes after class.
  • Tech Help

    I didn't do anything!
    This is the most common statement our students make whenever they visit our technical support staff. Occasionally they're right, but at other times their memory might be a bit selective. In any event, The Kiski School is a complex technological environment, and as such we also have the onsite capacity to repair virtually every hardware or software problem members of the Kiski community might experience.

    Don't worry – we'll do something.
    No matter the origin of the problem, our in-house technician will repair your computer here at Kiski. There'll be no need to send your machine elsewhere and delay its return. In the event that our technical staff is unable to fix your specific problem immediately, they'll loan you another machine so you can keep up with all of your course work.


Contact Computer Services

Mr. Marcus Muster
Director of Technology

Mr. Brian Chappie
Technical Network Administrator
John A. Pidgeon Library- Room 201
1888 Brett Lane, Saltsburg, PA 15681   |   (877) 547-5448
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