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Our students express big ideas—whatever the medium

Giving boys the power to express their ideas, opinions and personality is a life-changing experience. While it happens daily in academic classrooms throughout The Kiski School, it takes on beautiful, astounding and brilliant forms in our various arts programs. Here students have the opportunity to discover new talents and hone existing ones through visual arts, drama, and music programs.
Kiski takes the best of traditional art techniques and combines it with cutting edge technology to produce an exciting visual art and industrial arts program. Students are introduced to the Adobe design tools and are able to make these come to life through the use of laser cutters, 3D printers, and vinyl cutters. Some of the projects that we have worked on include:
  • Kayak building
  • Fabricate motorized bike
  • Building a Mongolian Yurt
  • Radio Control Airplane building
  • Primitive technology and skills
  • Furniture design and building
  • Leatherwork
  • Japanese box building
  • T-shirt design and printing
  • Woodblock printmaking
  • Rocket making
Creative problem solving is central to the studio art program at Kiski, achieved through the use of traditional and contemporary techniques. Our art department offers courses which cover two and three-dimensional media, including drawing and painting, sculpture, clay making, wheel-thrown pottery, digital design, and art history. Freshmen have the chance to learn graphic design skills, the products of which can be printed to the laser engraver and the vinyl cutter, while upperclassmen can perfect their drawing skills, sculptural techniques, or take a history course to learn about artmaking as applied to the contemporary world. No matter the topic, our department seeks to help students become better problem solvers and more innovative thinkers. Some of the projects covered yearly include:
  • Figure Drawing
  • Reflective Oil Paintings
  • Logo Design
  • Poster Design
  • Laser Cut Bookmarks
  • Wheel Thrown Ceramics
  • Ceramic Phone Speakers
  • Cultural Masks
  • Wire Sculptures
  • Tissue Reed Sculptures
  • Illuminated Manuscripts
  • Architectural Mugs
The digital art component of the art curriculum at Kiski focuses on introducing students to elements of design, industry-standard software, and presentation. The Adobe Suite is introduced at an introductory level to provide digital literacy for poster projects, logo design, photo manipulation, video production, and audio recording. The students can apply this skill set to a variety of other disciplines and classroom assignments. Digital arts helps students think and create in a 2D and 3D space, which requires a unique learning component that pushes students into new brain spaces. Throughout the process, project-based learning is at the forefront of the digital arts curriculum, engaging students by connecting to their interests for sports, music, and culture.
The jewelry and metalsmithing shop at Kiski is a project-based, process-driven studio experience which allows learners to make functional, professional products. This studio experience includes working with three different types of sheet metals, soldering with acetylene, creating decorative and wearable metal pieces, and learning safe, effective studio habits. Several of the projects in this course include a metal pendant, a key chain decoration, ring bands and additions, saltwater etching, enameling, earring design, and creating hollow, enclosed forms.
Students who are interested in acting can take part in our drama program, which produces two major performances each year. Our music program provides a wealth of opportunities, by introducing our students to a variety of musical styles, ensembles, and instruments.  Every spring, the Fine and Performing Arts department organizes An Evening with the Arts, the annual highlight of The Kiski School arts program. This special event is a cooperative production between the Glee Club and the Kiski Players.

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