All-Boys Education

At Kiski, we talk about academic life because learning is a way of life: you'll learn in small classes, in after-class one-on-one with teachers, hands-on projects, in athletics, and in community activities. Some of this learning is structured; some is not – but all of it is intentional. Some details:

• You'll focus on the liberal arts and sciences – the same curriculum you'll find at the nation's best universities.

• You'll develop analytical skills essential to succeed in college and in work.

• Living in a dorm, you'll learn how to manage your time, studying when you must and hanging out when you can – which is great preparation for college.

It's no wonder that every year exceptional colleges invite Kiski boys to join their ranks, and alumni tell us how much their Kiski years have influenced their lives.
Boys will be boys.
You've probably heard this before. Perhaps you've even said it once or twice yourself. At Kiski, we affirm this truism, not in recognition of the immutable immaturity of boyhood, but rather to justify the exceptional education we offer our students. At Kiski, we want boys to be boys. We know that years of educational and psychological research has proven that boys share some important characteristics. The Kiski School nurtures these vigorous qualities of curiosity, creativity, and confidence – which are too often stifled when forced to compete with the self-doubt that social pressures tend to create.

All boys are not all boys.
At Kiski certainly do not assume that all boys are the same. In fact, we celebrate the uniqueness of our students. Our curriculum offers choices to satisfy a variety of interests, and our faculty members provide a dynamic, engaging classroom, and personalize one-on-one tutoring in the evenings to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

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Established in 1888, The Kiski School is one of the oldest, private, all-boys, college preparatory boarding schools in Pennsylvania and the United States.  Home to 200 boys, Kiski offers an academically rigorous curriculum that includes AP and Honors courses, 12 varsity sports, and a community that allows boys to thrive through project-based learning and self-discovery.
Kiski's beautiful, 350-acre campus is located in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.