The Kiski Learning Center


The Kiski Learning Center aims to support students in achieving improved academic success. Academic and executive function skills are taught through direct, individualized instruction and through practical application of content-based materials. Study methods are practiced with the Learning Specialist to ensure accuracy and maximum productivity. The ultimate goal for a student in The Kiski Learning Center is to acquire the skills necessary to become an independent learner working to his fullest potential.

Freshman Study Skills

Study Skills is quarter-long course offered to freshman students as part of the Fine Arts rotation and the Life Skills curriculum. Study Skills is a strategy-centered class that focuses on the development of students’ academic skills and cognitive processes. Study Skills topics include active learning strategies and executive function as well as their incorporation into academic responsibilities. Throughout the quarter, students practice purposeful listening techniques and learn effective note-taking methods. In preparation for long-term projects and major quizzes/tests, students apply systematic routines for time management and employ review methods for assessment preparation. Periodically, students test their personal willpower and practice self-discipline strengthening techniques. Students are assessed based upon their class participation and effort/productivity exercising acquired skills, strategies, and methods.

Academic & Executive Function Skills

Academic and executive function skills taught in The Kiski Learning Center include, but are not limited to:
  • Organization/Prioritization
  • Time Management
  • Project Planning
  • Essay/Paper Writing
  • Note-Taking
  • Assessment Preparation & Test-Taking Strategies
  • Self-Advocacy

The Referral Process

A student is referred to The Kiski Learning Center by his instructors based upon his classwork, quiz/test performance, and evening productivity. The Learning Specialist communicates with teachers as needed and works directly with a student during his Study Hall Block. The frequency with which a student meets the Learning Specialist is contingent upon his academic and executive function needs. The Kiski Learning Center is open to any boy who requires academic and executive function support; students are encouraged to take initiative and self-advocate for their learning needs. Due to limited space and resources, The Kiski Learning Center does not take referrals from parents, guardians, or coaches.
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Established in 1888, The Kiski School is one of the oldest, private, all-boys, college preparatory boarding schools in Pennsylvania and the United States.  Home to 200 boys, Kiski offers an academically rigorous curriculum that includes AP and Honors courses, 12 varsity sports, and a community that allows boys to thrive through project-based learning and self-discovery. Kiski's beautiful, 350-acre campus is located in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.

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