The Advantages of School Uniforms

School uniforms are incorrectly associated with strict institutions harboring oppressed students in suffocating, antiquated outfits. At Kiski, the school uniform of a jacket and tie acts as a unifier and not a strait-jacket. Kiski boys learn to dress well at a young age, which helps them succeed during college admissions interviews as well as job interviews. Having a school uniform is advantageous for several reasons:
  1. Allows Students To Focus On School

First, having a designated school uniform encourages students to focus on academics and extracurriculars instead of wardrobe choices. How much time do you spend carefully selecting an outfit for the day? Removing this decision process lets our students focus on their studies and reduces time getting ready every morning.
  1. Encourages School Pride

Kiski’s school dress code encourages a sense of uniformity and school pride. Everyone will recognize a Kiski boy when they see the jacket and tie, which gives our students a sense of notability and pride in their education.
  1. Fosters Acceptance and Friendship

Kiski’s dress code is especially beneficial to our student’s education because it discourages segregation based on fashion choices and clothing brands. Instead of having cliques that develop based on style choices, Kiski boys are all part of one group focused on academic excellence.
“The first couple of days the jacket and tie are kind of weird, but by day three you don’t think about it anymore. It would be one thing if you were the only kid wearing it, but to me, it’s like everyone in school wearing their lucky t-shirt and blue jeans. We don’t all look the same, but we all look respectable. At other schools, people dress in a particular way to show what clique they belong to. Here, we’re all one clique. There’s only one clique in this school and everybody here is a member,” said a Kiski student from Aliquippa, PA.

Finally, it’s more beneficial to enforce a dress code that tells students what they’re allowed to wear instead of what they’re not allowed to wear. Many students in schools without uniforms find ways around their school’s dress code and are sent home early to change, which disrupts their education. At Kiski, we make sure our boys education isn’t interrupted by something as inconsequential as their clothes.

Our students can still express their individuality through their style. While students may come to class every day disguised as Clark Kent, the dress code allows us to focus on what’s super about them and not their clothes.

If you’d like to learn more about Kiski’s dress code, or find out if The Kiski School is the right choice for you, please contact one of our admissions staff today!
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Established in 1888, The Kiski School is one of the oldest, independent, all-boys, college preparatory boarding schools in Pennsylvania and the United States.  Home to 200 boys, Kiski offers an academically rigorous curriculum that includes Advanced and Honors courses, 12 varsity sports, and a community that allows boys to thrive through project-based learning and self-discovery. Kiski's beautiful, 350-acre campus is located in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.

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