What is Intersession Week?

The last few days before Spring Break seem to drag by for both teachers and students. Everyone is so excited about the upcoming vacation that everything else becomes tedious and morale plummets. Kiski addresses this problem, known as “hell week,” with an Intersession Week. Intersession Week, or the week just before Spring Break, involves a program chock full of fun activities to help students break from their routines and engage with their lessons before the spring holiday.

This year marks the third annual Intersession Week at Kiski. It was initiated by Adam Schapiro, Associate Headmaster, as a way to engage students before they leave campus for break. Instead of following their usual schedules, students are allowed to pick a new class to take during Intersession Week. The classes are designed by faculty members. Each faculty member picks one thing to focus on for the week and then they pitch their Intersession classes to the students. The students can then pick which one they’d like to take. There are always a wide variety of classes to choose from. Here are a few highlights from this year’s program:

  • Make Your Own Tiny Zombie Apocalypse with Mr. and Mrs. Kapustik
  • Hands-On Cooking with Mr. Brueningsen and Mr. Nurmi
  • Yoga Fitness with Mrs. Poston
  • Boatbuilding with Mr. Scott
  • Doomsday Prep! with Mr. Alex Ford

There are 30 programs overall so there’s something for everyone. Students are only allowed to select one class and there are limits to how many students can take each class. Seniors are allowed to choose first and then juniors, sophomores, and finally freshman. Students rank each class on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the class they most want to take. No one has ever taken a class with a ranking higher than 5.

During Intersession Week, students have an alternative schedule to follow. First, they get to sleep in until 9 am before heading to class. Next, they only have three of their regular classes before breaking for lunch. Then, the afternoon is dedicated to the class they selected.

No matter what class they take, students always come out of Intersession Week learning something new whether it’s practical knowledge like basic cooking skills or something simple like how to relax and stay fit with yoga. Intersession Week is a great opportunity for teachers to get creative with their curriculum. And, students are able to showcase their new skills and hard work during a showcase the Friday afternoon before Spring Break. Parents and family members are welcome to attend the showcase as well!

To see what has happened in Intersession weeks in the past, check out our video. To learn more about The Kiski School and the other innovative programs we offer, schedule a visit with us!
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