Why Girls Outpace Boys in Higher Education

As a parent, you want your son to receive the best education and have as many opportunities to succeed as possible. But, when it comes to education, young men and boys are falling behind young women. Currently, women outpace men in college enrollment by a ratio of 1.4 to 1.How can you make sure your son doesn’t get left behind in school?
First, you have to understand the root of the problem. Boys aren’t falling behind due to lack of ability. According to the authors of “The Rise of Women,” a book focusing on the increase in enrollment among women, the difference is actually that girls are more likely to be engaged in their education at an early age. Middle school girls say they enjoy school and believe that getting good grades is important more often than boys. So, why aren’t boys as engaged with their education as girls and what can we do about it?

The Solution

Most schools follow a similar structure, where the students attend lectures and work on assignments and projects. While this teaching method may work for some students, other students, especially boys, respond better to a more hands-on teaching style. Here are a few instructional methods that prove effective when teaching boys:
  1. Small Class Sizes
Boys benefit more from one-on-one instruction and smaller class sizes. Teaching small classes allows the instructor to customize their lessons to those specific students. A small group also encourages students to participate more and discourages disruptive behavior, which is less likely to go unnoticed by the teacher. We’ve taken this to heart as the average class size at The Kiski School is 10, with a 7:1 teacher student ratio.
  1. Real-World Applications of Concepts
Listening to lectures and memorizing texts isn’t an effective teaching method for young men. Alternatively, giving them interesting projects and assignments that teaches critical thinking as well as a real-world connection to their studies is proven to be a highly effective strategy. For example, at The Kiski School, our students were able to test Newton’s Laws of Motion with air-powered cars that they designed and built themselves.
  1. Fostering A Culture of Achievement
At many schools, boys can get caught up in contests of popularity with their friends instead of competing for good grades and academic achievement. Attending a school with a strong academic climate encourages boys to engage with their education and focus on preparing for college.

At The Kiski School, we have studied this topic in-depth to make sure our curriculum works for boys. So far, the results are encouraging with 100% of our graduates pursuing higher education.  

If you want to learn more about how we designed our curriculum specifically for boys, you can contact us or schedule a visit!
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