The Role of Student-Teacher Relationships in High School

Over the course of our history we’ve never stopped learning and we’ve made innumerable discoveries. From discovering that the Earth is round to predicting and proving the existence of gravitational waves, we’ve accomplished so much already. And we’re not stopping now. At Kiski, we’ve learned everything there is to know about the most effective teaching methods for high school boys. We’ve studied the best ways to help them learn and develop the skills necessary to continue humanity’s trend of innovation and discovery. Our teachers, one of our most effective tools, are able to provide students with an academic-focused environment where they can engage with their education. The role of our teachers in the development and progress of our student’s academic careers cannot be overstated.

In large classrooms, it’s difficult for teachers to develop close relationships with their students. Students can often become distracted and teachers struggle to maintain interest of the students, which leads to a culture of disengagement. Trying hard and doing well becomes negative in a culture focused on being cool in the moment. This is where a teacher’s role goes beyond creating lesson plans and giving lectures.

Studies show that students who like their teachers and have a close relationship with them perform better in school. In Germany, researchers conducted a study with kindergarten students as the subjects. They showed the students pictures of different teachers before asking them to solve a problem. When the students were shown pictures of teachers they had a close relationship with they solved the problem faster. The results of this study showed that students who like and respect their teachers not only perform well, but they also have a more positive view of school and education.

Teaching students who like and respect you also makes the job easier for teachers and helps perpetuate a climate of learning and achievement instead of disengagement. When teachers enjoy their jobs and feel like they are genuinely helping their students learn, it improves the atmosphere of the school. At Kiski, we have small class sizes and state-of-the art resources available to our teachers so they can focus on their individual students and develop healthy relationships.

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