What It Means to Live in a Boarding Community

While searching for a high school to meet the needs of your family, boarding schools may not be at the top of your list. How can living away from home, without parents to check on them, help students engage in their education in high school? Contrary to most initial perceptions of boarding schools, students and their families actually experience many benefits when the student lives on campus.

Prep for College
When most students live on campus for their first year of college, they aren’t prepared for the independence and lack of adult supervision. Without someone to watch over their shoulder, college freshmen can lose focus easily and their grades will suffer as a result. Students with the boarding school experience, however, have already learned how to be independent and they get to skip learning that lesson the hard way. According to Sandy Acquard, the Director of Residential Life at The Kiski School, Kiski students learn to live and study away from home under the supervision of trusted teachers, dorm parents, and student mentors. With mandatory study hall from 7:30 to 9:30 pm every night, students at Kiski learn to manage their time efficiently and take advantage of the resources available.

Better Family Relationships
Most parents ask their children a variation of this question when they get home from school: “How was school today?” And most students respond with the same one-word answer: “Fine.” This doesn’t give parents much insight into how their child spends their time at school. When students live away from home though, it’s a whole different story. Students who live away from home tend to have better conversations with their families.

“I find that now that I am away at school, my relationship with my parents has actually improved. I’m not at all lonely. My parents and I talk nearly every day on the phone, so I can stay in touch with what’s going on. When I’m home, I find that our conversations are more mature. There are fewer of the little details that used to make things difficult from time to time.”

A Home Away from Home
Students rarely feel homesick at Kiski because they’re kept busy as soon as they arrive. Freshmen students all start the year in the same position. They’re all brand new together, which immediately helps them relate to each other and start forging new friendships. As time goes on and they assimilate to the boarding school life, students become more engaged with their education and they develop more meaningful relationships with their classmates and teachers. For example, if they have a question after school, they can walk over to their teacher’s house and ask it. Teachers also let students visit to celebrate birthdays or if they want to use a kitchen to make something homemade.

Kiski Boys also frequently visit home on weekends so they have plenty of time to see their families. If you’re interested in learning more about the boarding school community at Kiski, feel free to contact us or schedule a visit! And, remember that while your son is here on campus, he’s surrounded by 200 friends and staff, all working to make sure he’s happy and receiving the best education possible.
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Established in 1888, The Kiski School is one of the oldest, private, all-boys, college preparatory boarding schools in Pennsylvania and the United States.  Home to 200 boys, Kiski offers an academically rigorous curriculum that includes Advanced and Honors courses, 12 varsity sports, and a community that allows boys to thrive through project-based learning and self-discovery. Kiski's beautiful, 350-acre campus is located in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.

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