3 Tips for Staying Sharp over Summer Vacation

While summer vacation is a well-deserved break for both teachers and students, those months spent away from the classroom can negatively affect student’s retention. Instead of letting those hard-earned skills and knowledge disappear, you can take a few simple steps to make the return to school in the fall a little easier. Here’s some advice on how to stay sharp this summer from Mark Novom, Kiski’s new Associate Headmaster:
  1. Read

Mark’s first piece of advice should be easy for Kiski boys to follow. Reading over the summer is a great way to continue learning and keep your mind active. Kiski also assigns two books for students to read on summer vacation. This summer, both students and faculty were assigned an all-school book to read, The New Colossus by our alumnus Dr. Marshall Goldberg. Each class of students is also assigned a book by their teachers. Mark advises students to follow the news. As it’s an election year, reading the news is more exciting than usual.
  1. Volunteer

Another way students can stay sharp this summer is to either volunteer or work. Getting valuable experience as a volunteer or intern is a great way to make the most out of summer vacation. Students who volunteer gain leadership and job skills, which will benefit them in the future as they apply for colleges and internships.
  1. Go Outside

Mark’s last piece of advice is to go outside and stay active. Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds. Staying in shape over the summer will also benefit our student-athletes when they return to rigorous training in the fall. Instead of staying inside and playing video games all day, Mark encourages students to go out and enjoy the sunshine with their friends.

If you’re starting your first year at Kiski in the fall, you can also take some time over the summer to prepare for your Kiski adventure! You can start with your uniform and then check out other items you may want to bring with you to campus. Feel free to contact us if you want to schedule a visit or have any additional questions.

What are you doing to make the most of your summer?
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