The Kiski Guide to Handling Homesickness

One of the most common questions families and students have when they start a new year at Kiski concerns homesickness. What does Kiski do to help students overcome this feeling? As a boarding school, Kiski has tons of experience handling homesickness. Most families don’t worry about overwhelming feelings of nostalgia until their student attends college. However, when you attend boarding school you get a head start, which may seem difficult to overcome at first but is actually more beneficial in the long run. Unlike your future fellow college students, you’ll know what to expect when you live away from home. Here are a few things to help you understand homesickness and how Kiski helps students overcome it:
  1. Homesickness is totally normal.

The phenomenon known as homesickness has existed for as long as people have been leaving home. Medical descriptions of what is now called homesickness date as far as back as the Trojan War when Greek soldiers experienced heartache from being away from home for so long. While today, we mostly associate homesickness with college freshmen, it’s historically more widespread than you think. So if you’re feeling a little homesick, don’t worry! You’re a totally normal human being.
  1. It’s more about your new environment than your home.

Kiski is known for handling homesickness better than most. Because this nostalgia for home isn’t as much about missing home as it is about feeling insecure in a new environment, Kiski makes sure new students feel welcome and comfortable. During orientation, we keep our new students busy so they don’t have time to think about how much they miss home. While they’re busy trying new things and getting comfortable with campus, they’re also making new friends. Every student is automatically inaugurated into the Kiski Brotherhood so he already has a support system in place to make him feel loved, protected, and secure at school.
  1. Going home isn’t the solution.

While it seems like returning home is a quick fix, it’s actually not a permanent solution. The best way to overcome homesickness is to see the positives in your new situation. At Kiski, there’s so much for students to do, tons of great opportunities, and plenty of other students in the same situation, that it’s difficult to remain homesick for long. You can also bring a piece of home with you like photographs and make frequent calls to your parents to help make the transition easier. Kiski also offers amazing birthday and care packages for parents to send their students to help make periods of time when homesickness is weighing on them easier to manage.

Getting a head start on living away from home is one of the many advantages to attending a boarding school. While other college freshmen are still figuring out how to do laundry, you’ll be out having fun and enjoying the freedom and educational opportunities that come with the new territory.
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