Tips for Getting Scouted for Baseball

Baseball, also known as America’s favorite pastime, has been one of the premier sports at The Kiski School since the school was founded in 1888. As you begin the college baseball recruiting process, you’ll probably have some questions. What do baseball scouts look for in high school baseball players? What makes a player become a prospect? If you want a shot at getting recruited, it’s important to know what scouts are looking for. With our vast athletic resources and these helpful tips for getting scouted, you’ll be well prepared for a rewarding baseball career.

Choose a Baseball Program
The first step to getting scouted is deciding which college baseball program will be the best fit for you. If your main goal is getting an athletic scholarship to pay for school, consider looking at less competitive baseball programs. For those aiming to go pro one day, do your research and look at the colleges that produce the most MLB players. Above all, it’s important to look for realistic options. Many high school athletes think playing college sports is Division I or bust. In reality, more kids will play for D-II and D-III schools than D-I.

Build Your Resume
If you’re serious about getting recruited to play baseball at the collegiate level, you must create a resume that gives coaches the information they need to make an initial assessment of you and decide if they want to continue the evaluation process. Include statistics like home to first-base, second-base to home, 60-yard dash times, broad jump distance, as well as your position statistics. Organize your stats in a table to make it visually appealing to a coach. By showing that you’re a well-rounded athlete and a knowledgeable baseball player, you’ll give yourself the best chance to succeed in becoming a college baseball player.

Get Your Name out There
That doesn’t mean blowing up Twitter and Facebook with how great you are. It means emailing college coaches and explaining why you’re interested in playing for their teams. You most likely won’t get an immediate response, but if you keep emailing different coaches, you’ll increase your odds of getting noticed. Keep in mind that every email to a college coach should be a personal message to them, not generic copy that you send to every coach.

You can get your baseball career started at The Kiski School where we have state-of-the-art training facilities and an experienced coaching staff.  25% of Kiski graduates go on to play sports at the college level. If you’re interested in learning more about the baseball program at Kiski, feel free to contact us or our coaching staff!
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Established in 1888, The Kiski School is one of the oldest, private, all-boys, college preparatory boarding schools in Pennsylvania and the United States.  Home to 200 boys, Kiski offers an academically rigorous curriculum that includes Advanced and Honors courses, 12 varsity sports, and a community that allows boys to thrive through project-based learning and self-discovery. Kiski's beautiful, 350-acre campus is located in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.

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