5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Last Two Months of School

With final exams and summer fun on the horizon, the last two months of school always seem like the toughest to get through. If your first instinct is to wish away the days until summer break begins, think again. Although this period of time seems like it'll never end, here are five ways that you can make the most of your last two months of school.

Study Hard

Finals are coming up, so make sure that you spend plenty of time studying and preparing to take your exams. Even though you might not feel motivated with summer break right around the corner, your grades still matter, so keep going! Make flashcards, snack healthy, set specific goals, and create an efficient study schedule to make sure you're well prepared. By doing so, you can finish the year strong and be proud of the final result.

Don’t Procrastinate

We’ve all been guilty of procrastinating from time to time, but during the last two months of the school year, it's important to let that habit die quickly. Waiting to study until the night before a final exam is disastrous. Procrastinating causes unnecessary stress and sets you up for failure. Instead, plan ahead. Look at your exam schedule and begin studying for your first or hardest final now.

Get Enough Sleep

Pulling all-nighters is risky business during the end of the school year. Final exams are designed to make you think. If you are sleep-deprived, you won’t be able to remember any of the information you worked so hard to cram into your brain. Most nights, you should try to sleep for at least seven or eight hours, so you're fully rested and ready to take on life.

Spend Time With Friends

The end of a school year brings on an incredible amount of change. You might not know when you’ll see your group of high school friends again, so make the most of the time you have. Try to see each of your friends individually, or share a meal one-on-one before school ends. This way, you'll feel like you spent quality time with each of your friends before splitting off for summer break.

Have Fun!

In the midst of studying and preparing for finals, it’s still important to have some fun and enjoy yourself, too! These last two months of school will fly by, so don't let them slip away without making the most of them. Whether it’s spending time outdoors enjoying the warmer weather or having a movie night with your friends, don't let the small moments pass you by, and remember to cherish everything you can before the year is over. During the summer, you'll miss school more than you might think.

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