3 Ways to Prepare Your Son for High School

High school is a big transition for students; they will need to be more independent and will have to take responsibility for their own academic work. They will also be subject to more social pressures and will have to adjust to new friends and activities.  For some, high school may seem like an unexplored adventure brimming with knowledge. To others it may seem like a mysterious and scary world filled with the unknown. In many cases, it's both. Here are a few ways to help you prepare for high school:
1. Establish a Good Routine
High school is a time when students must take ownership of their academic responsibilities, and there’s no better way to prepare for this than to establish a solid homework and study routine. This includes laying out a plan at the start of each study session, studying in a place that fosters your productivity, and embracing an organizational system that works for you.
2. Brush up on Your Reading Skills
Every year in high school, the volume of reading that you have to do will increase exponentially. If you struggle with reading or language skills, your ability to get through the course materials and exams will be compromised. Brush up on your reading skills by reading as much as possible in the months leading up to high school. Reading books you enjoy will help to improve vocabulary, sentence structure, comprehension, and reading speed.
3. Be Positive
It can be terrifying going from middle school to a high school where everything is just so unfamiliar, but it's important to stay positive! Interact with others, familiarize yourself with the school, and encourage and tell yourself that you can do it. You've already gone through nine years of school, what's another four? By staying emotionally positive, you'll be able to accomplish so much more in high school, and that'll definitely pay off in the future.

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