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The health and well being of all Kiski boys is of utmost importance to us. The Health Center promotes all aspects of health and wellness and provides, or facilitates, appropriate healthcare services for illness or injury. 

Kiski maintains a full-time health care facility, conveniently located adjacent to the dining hall. A school nurse is on duty throughout the entire school day and is also available at anytime of the day or night for emergencies. We have a certified athletic trainer who specializes in the prevention, recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries incurred by our students. Parents are notified immediately in case of an emergency. 

Routine visits to doctors and dentists should be scheduled by parents during vacations and weekend leaves. Parents are asked to contact the Dean of Students to request special permission for a student to leave campus on other occasions for medical appointments.

Communication of any changes in a student’s health should be communicated to the Health Center immediately, preferably in writing by their physician. 

Physicians associated with Excela Health Latrobe Hospital at Saltsburg Family Medicine are available weekdays and are located about two minutes from campus.

Excela Health Saltsburg Family Medicine

Excela Health hospital emergency rooms  or various urgent care facilities are only a 20 minute drive for weekend medical needs. Additionally, Lifestat Ambulance Service is on call 24 hours a day for any emergency. 

If your son needs care, our Health Center staff will make arrangements for an appointment and transportation to and from the medical office. There is a transportation fee that will be billed to your student’s account. If the nurse deems it necessary, your son can spend the night in the Health Center. Any medical fees not covered by your insurance will either be billed to the parent from the medical facility or billed to Kiski, in which case the bill will be paid from the student’s account and used for this purpose. 

Required Health Insurance

To provide the best protection and health care for all students, Kiski requires that every student be covered by a comprehensive accident and sickness plan. 

If a student is not covered by a parent or guardian’s health plan, Kiski offers a plan to help meet these health care needs. This policy was specially designed for private secondary schools and meets the mandated requirements of Pennsylvania state law.

Each Kiski student is required to submit a copy of the front and back of his medical insurance card and it will be kept on file in the Health Center. If possible, please provide your son with his own card to carry with him in his wallet. To avoid billing errors, please be sure to update this information during the school year if you have a change of insurance. Each student is required by insurance to make his co-pay at the time of service, please ensure that your student has the means to make payment. 

** Please Note**
Students covered by Kaiser Permanente or a Medicaid State Insurance Plan are required to obtain a document from their insurance company stating that the student has “Comprehensive accident and illness coverage while attending school in Pennsylvania.” The document must be on the insurance company’s letterhead and contain the student’s name and date of birth. Please upload this document with your insurance card to the Health Insurance Requirement in Magnus. If your insurance company does not cover your son while attending school here in Pennsylvania, you will be required to enroll in the health insurance plan offered by Kiski. 

Required Physical Exams

Students are required to have an annual physical exam BEFORE each school year. This exam will also count as their athletic physical exam for the year and cannot be performed any earlier than June 1st to be considered a valid exam. If the student arrives without his exam completed, he will not be permitted to participate in any athletics or extracurricular events until the issue is resolved. 

International Students

It is a mandatory requirement that all international students be enrolled in the comprehensive health insurance plan chosen by The Kiski School. This policy was specially designed for private secondary schools and meets the mandated requirements of Pennsylvania state law.This plan will cover students anywhere in the world, except your home country for a 10 month period 8-15-2016 through 6-14-2017 for a premium of $1875. The fees will be billed to your son’s incidental account by November 1st, please ensure that funds are available at this time. Insurance plan summary and brochure are posted to this web page under the section titled "Vital Information". If further information is required, please send an email to nurse


With the permission of the parents and Health Center staff, boys may keep over-the counter medication in their dorm. The medications must be brought to the Health Center to be labeled as “approved” to be kept in the dorm. This includes all food supplements, vitamins, cold remedies, and pain relievers. 

Our Health Center staff keeps all prescription medication and ensures that proper dosage is given, at the time indicated, and according to doctor’s orders. (Exception is given to inhalers, Epi-pens and certain acne medications- these medications can be kept by the student and self-administered) A Medication Authorization form is required to be completed by the parents and physician for each medication, The Medicine Protocol and authorization forms are available on Kiski’s web site or by contacting the Health Center. 

When necessary, we fill prescriptions at the Saltsburg Pharmacy. The student’s account is billed for the cost and the pharmacy will deliver the medications to the Health Center. 

Contact Information

Phone 724-639-8034
Fax 724-639-3832

For more information about Kiski’s Health Services, contact Taresa Cunnard RN, Director of Health Services at 724-639-3586, Ext 234 or

Excela Health Saltsburg Family Medicine

101 9th Street 
Saltsburg, Pa 15681
Phone 724-639-3541 
Fax 724-639-8318

Saltsburg Pharmacy

237 Washington Street
Saltsburg, Pa 15681
Phone 724-639-9022
Fax 724-639-3535

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  • Mrs. Taresa M. Cunnard 

    Director of Health Services
    Pennsylvania State University - B.S.
  • Anita Bafik 

    Presbyterian University Hospital School of Nursing - R.N.
  • Sandi Blystone 

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