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Why Give?

Your donation makes the difference

Whether you choose to volunteer as a mentor on Career Day, give back to the school through your gift to the Kiski Fund, or simply mention to a neighbor your interest in Kiski, you help our boys, contribute to their futures, and also strengthen our School.

Our vibrant culture of philanthropy ensures that Kiski remains a premier institution dedicated to preparing young men to succeed in college and in life. Today, Kiski is regarded as one of the leading preparatory schools for boys in the United States.

Volunteering at Kiski offers a number of rewards including the chance to connect with the Kiski community, time to interact with the boys, and the enjoyment of giving back by serving the School while having fun either on campus or at a distance.

Donors give vital funding to the operations of the School that serve to make the opportunities Kiski provides possible. Tuition covers a large part of the total cost of educating a Kiski boy; however, the margin comes via annual giving from our generous School community and our culture of philanthropy. From time to time funding for unique projects (e.g. buildings and renovations) is solicited through capital campaigns.

By giving and getting involved this year—and every year—you make a difference in the lives of our students and to strengthen their futures.

Your gifts in dollars as a donor and in hours as a volunteer go directly to the programs and activities that define the Kiski experience.
A Life-Changing, All-Boys, Boarding School.