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For the Boys - Capital Campaign

The Kiski School’s new Capital Campaign is entitled the “For the Boys” Campaign because it is fully focused on raising new funding for student scholarship support. This new Capital Campaign has an aggressive goal of raising $5 million by 2025. The good news is that during the recent “quiet phase” of our “For the Boys” Campaign we already successfully raised over $2.2 million in fresh pledges and gifts for the Campaign and our student scholarship program.
To be sure, there is a reason that history is such an important part of academic study. Stories and lessons of the past pivotally shape our understanding of the world, allowing us to make more informed decisions going forward. Perhaps more importantly, history sets the foundation for who we become in the future.

The foundation of The Kiski School was set forth by our founder, Dr. Andrews Wilson, more than 130 years ago. It was his vision to provide a first-class preparatory school that teaches, motivates, and develops boys during the most impressionable time of their lives. And while we have seen steady and substantial enhancements over the years, his original intention has remained our focus at Kiski.

Now, looking forward together, it is important to note that everyone at Kiski remains fully committed to providing an unparalleled learning and growing experience for all of the students at the School. We understand that valuable lessons don’t just come from the classroom.

Here at Kiski, learning, maturation, and growth are greatly influenced by the students themselves. The Kiski School has always valued and celebrated socio-economic diversity as we believe that each boy brings a unique point of view and learns to consider the alternative perspectives of his roommates, classmates, and teammates.

Consequently, we strive each year to make the Kiski experience as accessible as possible. We made great strides with our tuition reset in 2019, with costs now 20% lower than our peer institutions. But there is still work to do in order to open our doors to more boys who desire to come here.

The Kiski School’s storied past is impressive and built upon a distinguished history and a rich heritage. Yet, as we all know, with the necessary amount of funding freshly raised, there will be many wonderful new success stories written about Kiski and our students.

As such, we encourage you to closely follow our new “For the Boys” Capital Campaign. In addition, we ask that you please take a moment to watch the engaging and informative video that was made about our new Capital Campaign.

In the relatively near future we will be reaching out to you to discuss your involvement in and support of this important Capital Campaign. And, when the time is right for you, we encourage you to generously support this new Campaign for Kiski, our students, and our annual scholarship and financial aid programs.

We sincerely appreciate all that you do to continue to loyally support Kiski, the School’s educational mission, our fundraising programs, and, of course, all Kiski students.

Please feel free to directly contact Steven T. Szilagyi ’88, P ’21 (Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement) at any time with questions about our “For the Boys” Capital Campaign. Steve can be reached in his office at The Kiski School at: 724-639-8028 or
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