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Begin a life-changing experience with us

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The Kiski experience begins with the admission process. Come for a visit and give us the opportunity to get to know you better. Then let us show off our campus and what our students are accomplishing here. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Kiski community. We’re sure you’ll love it. And when you decide to apply, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Why Kiski?

Because Kiski is life-changing
Our mission is to prepare boys for college and life. We do this through rigorous academics, leadership skill building, a project-based, boy-centric curriculum and the boarding process itself.  As a boarding student, boys learn time management, independence and how to live with a roommate. Kiski boys live, learn and compete together. This experience builds a bond and brotherhood with fellow Kiski boys that truly lasts a lifetime.

Because you cannot beat an all-boys education
And The Kiski School is one of the few such schools in the nation. That means it's designed specifically for you—not for girls and not for a coed crowd. It means you'll experience a camaraderie that is uniquely powerful and positive; and you'll be prepared for college and for life as a man—a man of skill, integrity, and confidence.

Because the teachers are there for you.
With small classes—usually eight to ten students—Kiski boys experience a positive, interactive, personal education. Your questions are answered. Your curiosity is sparked. Your talents are recognized and developed. And in those cases when you have more questions, your teacher is available. Teachers live on campus, and they're ready to help.

Because you'll find yourself in an exceptional community.
At Kiski, you belong to a tight-knit community as you're also exploring who you are as an individual, and who you might be as a man. That means we're diverse, supportive, and interested in you; it also means that we want you to take risks, and we'll support you as you do.

Because you'll have the technology you need to excel.
Within the context of a strong, classic liberal arts curriculum, our technology enhances what and how you learn. The laptop program ensures every student has a laptop computer and the skills to use it. Our expanded selection of maker tech (laser cutters, 3d printers, vinyl cutter, woodworking tools and more) allow your creativity to be unleashed, turning your ideas into full-scale objects.

Because we work and play hard – otherwise, what's the point?
At Kiski, every boy is involved in sports. And just about everything you learn on the field is something you can use in the classroom. We try. We win. Sometimes, we lose. But we're confident, competent, and in many ways, unbeatable.

Open House Dates

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Inquire About Kiski

U.S. Naval Academy

The Naval Academy Foundation was established in 1944 and Kiski has been enrolling Naval Foundation candidates since the late 1960s. The admission office and academic offices at Kiski partner with the Foundation to craft a curriculum that will prepare candidates for the Naval Academy and for the rigors they will encounter once they matriculate to Annapolis.

Our Foundation candidates enroll in our regular post-graduate program and essentially complete another senior year with five to six core classes as well as the opportunity to participate in Kiski's athletic program and other extra-curricular activities. Ask about our connection to the Foundation.

Meet The Team

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  • Photo of Bramble Buran

    Bramble Buran 

    Associate Head of School for Enrollment Management
    Bowdoin College - A.B.
    Year Appointed: 2020

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  • Photo of Tyler Hawkins

    Tyler Hawkins 

    Assistant Director of Admission
    Montreat College - B.S.
    Year Appointed: 2019

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  • Photo of Mitchell Czerniak

    Mitchell Czerniak 

    Assistant Director of Admission
    Carthage College - M.Ed.
    The College of Wooster - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2020

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  • Photo of Mary Ugoletti

    Mary Ugoletti 

    Executive Assistant to the Associate Head of School for Enrollment Management
    Penn State University - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2018
A Life-Changing, All-Boys, Boarding School.
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