Student Support

We’re Available to Get Our Students the Help They Need 24/7

Health Care
Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of our students, both physical and mental. The Judy McAtee Health Center provides exceptional care for all of Kiski's students. The Health Center is staffed around the clock and students can drop in to speak with a nurse during the school day. If additional care is required, our nursing staff schedules appointments with doctors and specialists in the area. The Health Center also handles and distributes any prescription medication students may need. Our Director of Health Services, Taresa DiLascio, is a registered nurse who lives right here on campus. We have a certified athletic trainer who specializes in the prevention, recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries incurred by our students. Parents are notified immediately in case of an emergency. 
Mental Health
Kiski also employs a full-time School Counselor, Kristin Massie-Sunday, who lives on campus and is available to meet with students to talk about, and help them work through, any of the challenges they may be facing. Mrs. Massie-Sunday also plans workshops and informational sessions about mental health for our students so that we can address mental health issues proactively. 
Learning Support
The Kiski Learning Center aims to support students in achieving academic success. Academic and executive function skills are taught through direct, individualized instruction and through a practical application of content-based materials. Study methods are practiced with the Learning Specialist to ensure accuracy and maximum productivity. The ultimate goal for students in The Kiski Learning Center is to acquire the skills necessary to become independent learners working to their fullest potential. We work with each family to understand the needs of their child and make necessary accommodations within our ability. 
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