Boarding Experience

Campus life is exciting, challenging, and life-changing


Residential Life is a pillar of the Kiski Experience.
Kiski dorm life is an important part of the boarding school experience. You make lifelong friends and learn skills and habits that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It’s not only about learning to be organized and adopting study skills; we also teach you to be comfortable with who you are. You learn to be yourself and to accept others for who they are. Your dorm is your extended family and a small part of a much larger community. Make some new friends, learn a few phrases in another language, show off your talents at guitar or singing or Frisbee or microwaving mac and cheese. You will treasure your downtime as you get some much-needed sleep on the weekends before you head off to your game or on a weekend trip. Get involved in dorm life and you will have one of the best experiences of your life. Make the most of it!

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Sample Community Weekend

Friday Night
  • Dinner and a movie off-campus
  • Local sporting event
  • A trip to a local restaurant for a special brunch
  • Visiting an art museum
  • Shopping at a local mall
Saturday Night
  • Cougar Cup Tournament in the Swank Student Center
    • Video Game, Ping Pong, Pool
  • Special or free food at the Snack Bar
  • Movie night in Rogers Auditorium
    • Free popcorn and drinks
  • Walmart shopping trip
  • Shopping at a local mall
  • Cougar Cup events in the Athletic Center
  • Free wings and NFL/NHL/NBA watch party in the Swank Student Center

Student Clubs and Organizations

All of our boys cherish their free time, but they have their own ideas about the best ways to spend it. Students at Kiski gather to share their common interests in the following ways. Kiski students are encouraged to start their own approved organizations with the help of a designated faculty member.  Each year we have additions to the list of organizations as the students' interests change. Our students feel comfortable starting a new club and recruiting members to join and have fun.

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • Art and Jewelry Club

    The Kiski Art Club meets during activity periods throughout the school year. Students can experiment with various media like painting, drawing, printmaking, and ceramics.
  • Astronomy Club

    The Kiski School Clear Sky Clock

    Venus Transit of the Sun, June 2004

    The Kiski Astronomy Club meets periodically to discuss current sky events and to do some outside observing with Kiski's 11" Celestron Nexstar GPS telescope. With email and Internet technology at our fingertips, members access information about current sky events frequently from various astronomy groups and websites. New members may join anytime by attending one of our meetings.
  • Chess Club

    The Chess Club meets periodically during the school year. Players can compete for bragging rights over their peers in a club pyramid. Computer software and Internet chess are also available through the Kiski Chess Club, which is a U.S. Chess Federation affiliate. Chess lessons are available to help players improve their level of play. New members may join at any time by simply attending one of the meetings.
  • Culture Pot

    Kiski’s Culture Pot Program seeks to further the School’s mission by promoting inclusion and understanding among the members of our multi-racial and multi-cultural community.

    The goals of Kiski’s Culture Pot Program are designed to achieve the following:

    1. To create a community in which each individual is recognized and valued and where each voice is heard. 
    2. To develop a culture in which every member of our school community values diversity and respects each another. 
    3. To impart the confidence needed to speak out against all forms of hatred, prejudice, or bigotry.     
    4. To provide an open forum where students can express their opinions and learn how to be understanding of the opinions of others. 
    5. To provide positive community building activities and experiences.
  • Green Team

    The Kiski Green Team is a coalition of students and faculty alike looking to increase environmental awareness of the Kiski community. The boys have to this point worked to achieve their goals by contributing to garden maintenance, greenhouse renovations, and wildlife surveying on campus. In the future, the Green Team will be working to continue bringing the environmentally-beneficial aspects of campus life to the community in a more visual way. These goals will not only emphasize the importance of the species of plants in the greenhouse and garden, but by also emphasizing campus efforts in resource conservation and sustainability.
  • Helping Hands

    This group supplies community service on campus.  
  • K Club

    The K Club is the student organization responsible for conducting campus tours and visits for prospective families, alumni, and guests. To become a member of the K Club, one must be nominated by a current K Club member. A special committee, made up of the admissions staff, faculty, and the K Club president make recommendations to the Headmaster, who appoints each member to this selective organization. Members of the K-Club are primary representatives of The Kiski School not only for campus visits, but also attending receptions or answering questions at local educational fairs.
  • Kiski Service Organization

    KSO is a student-operated organization that provides Kiski boys with a vehicle to give back to the community. KSO volunteers have worked with Saltsburg Elementary School children, adopted a portion of Pennsylvania highway, raised money for charity, organized regular participation in blood drives, and helped to clean the Kiski campus. The growth and direction of the organization is limited only by the energy and imagination of its future members.
  • National Forensic League

    The NFL is the secondary school speaking honor society. Although participation in the interscholastic competitions sponsored by Kiski's chapter is open to all, membership is based on conduct, academic excellence, and election by current and past members. The purpose of NFL is to help each member develop skills such as argumentation and logic which will be of use to him throughout his academic career and later in life. NFL offers students interscholastic competition in extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, dramatic and humorous interpretation, poetry and prose reading, impromptu speaking, and Student Congress. The Kiski Chapter of the NFL is associated with the Pennsylvania High School Speech League, PHSSL. The Debate Team is a separate part of the NFL. Those members of the chapter who have distinguished themselves in other speech activities will be invited to join the team.
  • Photography Club

    The goal and purpose of the photography club are to involve students who have an interest in digital photography. Club members will learn to express themselves through the lens of cameras. Basic photography classes are hosted and students learn from each other and practice by photographing various school activities. Also, there are creative photography activities on and off-campus. All students are welcome to join - experience in photography is NOT a requirement - just a desire to learn with a hands-on approach.
  • Radio Club

    Students can have their own radio show and also help to broadcast sporting events live through our website.
  • Robotics Club

    This group competes in Battlebots competitions.  
  • Spanish Club

    Spanish Club members meet monthly to converse, watch movies, listen to music, and play games – only in Spanish. During the year, the club also celebrates some Hispanic holidays, where the students prepare traditional meals and make appropriate crafts. In the spring, the Club goes out to eat Spanish food in area restaurants and, with participants from many other schools, sails the Gateway Clipper Fleet in Pittsburgh, which offers a Spanish evening, including food and music. In preparation, members learn Caribbean dances so they can more fully participate on the cruise.
  • Tutoring Club

    The members of this group help other students to study for tests, complete homework, and review papers.  
  • Woodworking Club

    The Woodworking Club is one of the most popular on campus. Although this club is open to all Kiski students, only a limited number may participate each term. The demonstration of proper and safe use of power tools is the first requirement upon joining the Woodworking Club. Learning to make things out of wood is the goal of the club. The only limitations are the student's own ability, desire, and imagination.
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