Boarding Experience

Campus life is exciting, challenging, and life-changing

Residential Life is a pillar of the Kiski Experience.
Kiski dorm life is an important part of the boarding school experience. You make lifelong friends and learn skills and habits that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It’s not only about learning to be organized and adopting study skills; we also teach you to be comfortable with who you are. You learn to be yourself and to accept others for who they are. Your dorm is your extended family and a small part of a much larger Kiski community. Make some new friends, learn a few phrases in another language, show off your talents at guitar or singing or frisbee or microwaving mac and cheese. You will treasure your downtime as you get some much-needed sleep on the weekends before you head off to your game or on a weekend trip. Get involved in dorm life and you will have one of the best experiences of your life. Make the most of it!
A Contemporary Approach to Dining.
The Kiski School has partnered with CulinArt to provide dining services on campus. CulinArt has a staunch commitment to wholesome, nutritious meal preparation, stringent sanitation and food safety programs, and a dedication to serving our students well, each and every time they sit down to eat.

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Sample Community Weekend

Friday Night
  • Dinner and a movie off-campus
  • Local sporting event
  • A trip to a local restaurant for a special brunch
  • Visiting an art museum
  • Shopping at a local mall
Saturday Night
  • Cougar Cup Tournament in the Swank Student Center
    • Video Game, Ping Pong, Pool
  • Special or free food at the Snack Bar
  • Movie night in Rogers Auditorium
    • Free popcorn and drinks
  • Walmart shopping trip
  • Shopping at a local mall
  • Cougar Cup events in the Athletic Center
  • Free wings and NFL/NHL/NBA watch party in the Swank Student Center

Student Clubs and Organizations

All of our students cherish their free time, but they have their own ideas about the best ways to spend it. Kiski students are encouraged to start their own approved organizations with the help of a designated faculty member. Each year we have additions to the list of organizations as the students' interests change. Our students feel comfortable starting a new club and recruiting members to join and have fun.
Here is a list of some of the clubs we have had offered:
  • Art & Jewelry
  • Astronomy Club
  • Chess Club
  • Culture Pot
  • Green Team
  • Helping Hands
  • K Club
  • Kiski Service Organization
  • National Forensic League
  • Photography Club
  • Radio Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Sportsmens' Society
  • Tutoring Club
  • Woodworking Club
A Life-Changing, Co-Ed Boarding School.
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