Kiski equips boys with the tools to be leaders in all aspects of life.

The Kiski Leadership Institute for Boys (KLIB) is a program that is an integral element of Kiski’s educational model of reaching and teaching boys while preparing them for what lies ahead in life. It allows us to impart particular skills associated with different stages of a boy’s development in order to facilitate his growth as a leader. We believe that a more conscientious approach to life will prepare young men for whatever challenges lie ahead and will nurture a strong sense of character.

Not only does our leadership training allow students to discover and develop individual leadership qualities, but it also showcases each student’s ability to develop as peer leaders. Building this confidence in each boy facilitates the success of our students as members of the global community, and ensures that they all have the capacity to be lifelong learners.

While the concepts of leadership are demonstrated and assessed throughout the entire school year, there are several events that truly stand out as tremendous opportunities for our boys to learn and practice leadership:

Four Community Weekends during the year have been specifically designated as Leadership Days. Students participate in the low ropes course, colloquium-style case studies in advisory groups, off-campus trips, Cougar Cup events, community service projects, maker and entrepreneurial leadership activities, and much more, all with an emphasis on cultivating a strong sense of character and leadership.

Our Kiski Leadership Speaker Series serves as a forum for our boys to hear from a range of presenters who bring various backgrounds, points of view, discussion topics, and stories to the stage. Each speaker challenges the ways we view the world and showcase the characteristics of leadership that they have needed and used throughout their own lives. We have been fortunate enough to have world-renowned authors, Holocaust survivors, CEOs, military leaders, and many others spark healthy debates and questions about how we live and lead within our communities.

The Kiski Leadership Institute for Boys Annual Conference is "by boys for boys.' This conference invites students from other all-boys schools to our campus to participate in student-led discussions and activities that hone the skills and capacities requisite of impactful and effective leadership. The Conference challenges students to consider how personal experiences and reflection contribute to understanding leadership and being an agent of positive change. From building and racing kayaks to discussing empathy, this Conference is the essence of why the Kiski Leadership Institute for Boys was founded and continues to thrive today.
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