Alumni Impact

The skills and assets acquired at Kiski prepare men to be leaders.

Our alumni are diverse in many ways. Beyond their demographic backgrounds, their college choices, majors and chosen career fields cover both a large geographic area and an array of disciplines.  Our global alumni network is a resource for both alumni and current students to utilize to gain access to the extensive body of knowledge and experience that our collective alumni possess.  

Alumni Network

Upon graduation, Kiski Boys join an extensive international network of alumni that have a range of different experiences, education, and industry connections. Alumni can call on each other when they need advice about jobs, moving to a new city, or simply to reconnect with old classmates. At Kiski, we do our best to facilitate these lifelong connections by hosting events like Reunion and Homecoming, but also through a digital platform, Wavelength. 

Alumni can login into Wavelength (by clicking the button below) to do searches for alumni in their area, look up friends, or find a new job or connection to an industry.

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