Our Philosophy

Learning at Kiski doesn’t look much like a lecture.

Kiski offers courses in every department to satisfy the specific interests of our students. Those with a penchant for science can delve into plate tectonics and electromagnetism. Students with an interest in history might choose to debate American foreign policy, or analyze the effects of tariffs on domestic unemployment, while the artistically inclined can express their creativity through paint, charcoal, wood, or other media.
Kiski’s academic requirements ensure that all students have the chance to discover a passion. The range of courses that students take helps them acquire content knowledge and develop intellectual habits that will benefit them here at Kiski, in college, and throughout their lives.
Our teachers are scholars in their respective fields. This does not immediately qualify them to instruct our boys and girls, however. They must also have expertise in education; recognizing the different ways in which our students learn, and adapting their instructional strategies accordingly. It is in this capacity, through years of graduate study and decades of experience, that our faculty has been successfully educating generations of Kiski students.
Kiski’s faculty members devote an immeasurable amount of time and energy to the education of our students. In addition to teaching classes, our teachers meet regularly with their colleagues to discuss the curriculum and review developments within their disciplines. In the evenings, teachers provide tutoring during study hall hours. When school is not in session, our teachers pursue professional development by continuing graduate work, independent study, and attending education conferences.
A Life-Changing, Co-Ed Boarding School.
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