Kiski has REDUCED its tuition.

20% lower


The school discovery process is full of different factors to consider, from tuition and location to coursework and athletics. In recent years, the cost of education has ballooned, increasingly burdening families. At Kiski, we want high quality education to be more accessible for our families, not less. 
What’s a tuition reset?
In the fall of 2020, Kiski announced a major tuition reduction – called a tuition reset. In fact, Kiski was the first private boarding school in the country to offer such a tuition reset. After listening carefully to the concerns of Kiski parents and as a direct response to the skyrocketing tuition of private education, we thought it was time to take a different path.




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This shift to a philanthropy-driven tuition model provides more affordability and pricing transparency to our students and their families. And with our tuition now more than 20% lower than the national boarding school average, we hope you’ll consider a life-changing Kiski education as a possibility for your son or daughter's future.

To learn more about our lower tuition, pricing plans, and affordability questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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FAQs About Tuition Reset

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Beyond tuition, are there any additional costs we should be aware of?

    Domestic  & International Students: If your family elects to enroll in payment plans, a TRP (Tuition Refund Plan) is required. The cost of this plan is 3.5% of the full net annual charge and is billed separately.   

    International Students: Health insurance coverage: $2,000 per academic year. 

    Domestic and International: We recommend each family budgets between $600-$1000 per academic year for their son's incidental account. This includes books for classes, select student activities and etc. 
  • How is Kiski able to make a tuition reset work financially?

    We are shifting toward a philanthropy-centered model that will be financed by our recently-completed $35 million capital campaign together with ongoing fundraising efforts for endowed and operational scholarship support.  At our new highly-competitive price, we expect a modest increase in enrollment, which will offset some of the income we will forfeit by reducing our tuition. 
  • Will any elements of a Kiski education change as a result of the tuition reset?

    No. All of the high-quality elements that distinguish a Kiski education – outstanding academics, superior college placements, small class sizes, student-centered teaching methods, robust athletic programs, leadership development, and exceptional facilities – will remain as strong as they’ve been in the past. The only thing that’s changing is an industry-driven pricing model that we are determined to make obsolete.
  • What motivated the reduction in tuition price?

    Over the past decade, the average tuition at boarding schools has increased by 50% while household incomes have barely budged.  Without question, private school costs have spiraled out of control, becoming prohibitively expensive for most families.  Simply put, we decided it was time for a change.
  • How will the tuition reset benefit new Kiski families?

    Next year, Kiski’s tuition will be 20% lower than the average price to attend other boarding schools.  Our new tuition structure coupled with our ongoing commitment to need-based assistance promises real affordability for our families and more transparency in our pricing.
  • What will happen to tuition beyond 2020-21?

    Over the past decade, average annual tuition increases at boarding schools have outstripped inflation by a factor of two or three.  Moving forward, Kiski is committed to scheduling tuition increases at a rate that more closely matches normal inflation.
  • Will Kiski continue to offer need-based tuition assistance?

    Yes. Kiski will continue to provide a considerable level of need-based tuition assistance, making a Kiski education possible for even more boys and girls, and keeping with our longtime commitment to strong socio-economic diversity in our student body. What matters most is finding the right amount of assistance to make the net cost affordable for each family.
  • Can I Attend Kiski as a Day Student?

    Yes.  Every year we have a small number of day students enrolled at Kiski, usually representing around 2% to 3% of our total student body.  For 2024-25, tuition for day students is $33,500.  Please contact our Admissions Office for more information about this program.

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Kiski Quality

Some Things Never Change.
While our tuition is going down, Kiski will always push to deliver more. All the services, amenities and quality instruction that Kiski is known for will continue to distinguish our approach to education.

Here are just a few of the latest academic and campus improvements we’ve made thanks to the ongoing support of our alumni, student families and community benefactors.
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