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The unparalleled Kiski experience has been enriched by a student body representing all corners of the globe and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Alumni and students often reflect on invaluable lessons learned by sharing their personal journeys with Kiski students from dissimilar upbringings. Each student brings a unique perspective to Kiski, and learns to consider the alternative perceptions of Kiski roommates, classmates, and teammates.
The named scholarships listed below have been established to enable Kiski to enroll the brightest and most talented students that, in most cases, would not be able to attend the School without this life-changing financial aid. Scholarship funds are available to Boarding and Day School students.
These funds have been established with gifts surpassing the endowment threshold (currently $100,000), or annually replenished restricted scholarship gifts of $10,000 or more.

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  • Alcoa Scholarship

    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Aluminum Co. of American’s charitable organization, the Alcoa Foundation awarded hundreds of grants to educational institutions and other non-profits. The fund annually supports two deserving Kiski students in need of scholarship assistance.
  • Paul G. Benedum Jr. Foundation Scholarship

    Established by Paul G. Benedum Jr. the foundation annually supports the financial aid needs of Kiski students from Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, and eastern Ohio.
  • Corbin Scholarship Fund

    William ’78 and Deborah Corbin created the Corbin Scholarship Fund to support up to 100% of the demonstrated tuition assistance needs for one day student and one boarding student. Corbin Scholars have the potential for high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to engage fully in a rigorous academic program. 
  • EQT Scholars

    The EQT Foundation, the philanthropic branch of the Pittsburgh-based natural gas producer EQT, provided funding for two endowed scholarships. Once selected, EQT Scholars are renewed annually until their graduation from Kiski as long as they maintain good standing in the classroom and community.
  • FAME Scholarship

    The Fund for Advancement of Minorities Through Education provides access to college-preparatory education at Kiski by providing need-based financial aid to remarkable students.
  • Jacob Family Foundation Scholarship

    The Jacob Family Foundation Scholarship, generously granted by a family with strong and deep ties to Kiski, supports the tuition needs of students of high quality.
  • Janie Mathews Endowed Scholarship

    Established with a donation from Jason Mathews ‘93 in honor of his mother, the Janie Mathews Endowed Scholarship Fund provides tuition support to socioeconomically disadvantaged students who would otherwise be unable to receive a Kiski education.
  • Mosites Fund for a Mosites Scholar

    Established with a donation from the Donald and Donna Mosites Family Foundation, the fund will provide ongoing tuition support to socioeconomically disadvantaged student(s) who would otherwise be unable to afford the opportunity of a Kiski high school education.
  • Boynton D. Murch Scholarship

    Created to support well-rounded Kiski students of great promise, the focus of the Boynton D. Murch Scholarship is to concentrate on the individual’s character and desire for self-improvement.
  • John A. Pidgeon Scholarship

    Created in honor of Kiski’s legendary Headmaster, John A. Pidgeon, the fund supports upstanding students with limited financial means.
  • Seybold Scholarship

    Created by Raymond ’29 and Ann Seybold, the fund annually supports a deserving Kiski student in need of tuition assistance. 
  • Peter F. Smith ’72 Scholarship

    Reflecting upon his own Kiski journey – the guidance he received paired with the work ethic he applied to excel here – Peter F. Smith ’72 generously established this fund. His goal is to make a Kiski education possible for a student with the drive and determination to attend a highly-competitive college or university. 
  • David John Sunseri Jr. ’03 Memorial Scholarship Fund

    With the thoughtful and generous endowment support of David’s parents, Cindy and David Sunseri, his sister, Missy, and the extended Mosites family, as well as David’s many relatives and friends, this fund was created to support a well-rounded student in need of financial aid that demonstrates David’s enthusiasm, generosity, and passion for life.
  • Swank Scholarship

    The Swank Scholarship was created by Andrew Swank ’97 to remove financial hurdles from families seeking to enroll students equal to the challenges of Kiski’s unparalleled educational experience.
  • Jason Tsaggaris ’90 Memorial Scholarship

    The fund was created by Jason’s parents, Peggy and Lex, to honor the memory of their son by supporting students with financial need from western Pennsylvania.
  • United States Naval Academy Foundation Scholarship

    The United States Naval Academy Foundation provides exceptional students with scholarship support for a post-graduate year at Kiski, before matriculating to the United States Naval Academy.
  • Andrew Wilson Merit Scholarship

    Each year, the Office of Admission awards the Andrew Wilson Merit Scholarship, named in honor of the founder of the Kiskiminetas Springs School, Dr. Andrew Wilkins Wilson Jr., to a student of extraordinary promise after a careful vetting process that includes rounds of interviews, recommendations, and an essay. The award covers the full tuition of the recipient. 
  • Jacob L. Yoho ’98 Memorial Scholarship

    This special fund provides annual support for students who would otherwise lack the financial ability to attain a Kiski education.
If you are interested in creating or supporting a current Kiski scholarship, please contact Steven T. Szilagyi ’88, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at 724-639-8029 or Steven.Szilagyi@Kiski.Org
Awardees are selected by the Admission Office. No additional action is required of applicants. Inquiries to the school can submit an inquiry form, located below or call 1-877-547-5448 or email the office at Admissions@Kiski.Org.
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