College Counseling

Find the perfect fit—academically and socially

Our college counseling team has one purpose, to help students identify and enroll in the college or university that will best further the academic and personal progress they've made at Kiski. Our team develops relationships with the deans of admissions at colleges both large and small so that our counselors are excellently equipped to help students make decisions about next steps after Kiski.
No two students are alike, and neither are their prospective college lists. Because Kiski is a boarding school our counselors develop relationships with our students both in and out of the classroom. This empowers the counselors to speak confidently about our students and their individual personalities, needs, and interests.
Ultimately, the decision of where to attend university is left up to the student. We put the power to make tough decisions independently in their hands, and they learn to be confident in their choices.
Given our experience and process, it’s no wonder we have a 100% college-going rate.

College Counseling Timeline

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  • 9th Grade

    In your first year at The Kiski School, you’ll have all of the resources of our campus, including our faculty, staff, and fellow students available to help you. Our college counseling team will start getting to know you and your interests, as you get involved in clubs and sports, and meet with teachers of the subjects that excite you most.
  • 10th Grade

    During your sophomore year, we’ll meet with you regularly as you learn more about and participate in the activities and topics that interest you. We’ll use this knowledge as a starting point to help you put together a college list, and help you look for summer opportunities that support these interests. We’ll also help prepare you for your first time taking the PSAT so that you get a sense for the test requirements, as well as a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • 11th Grade

    At the beginning of your junior year, you'll take the PSAT again, and begin practicing for the SAT using the tools offered by the Kahn Academy. These tools will give you a more comprehensive understanding of where to focus your study efforts. You'll then take the SAT at least once during your junior year, giving you plenty of time to improve on your score, if need be. If you know the field of study you’d like to pursue in college, we’ll encourage you to begin taking relevant courses and help you find activities that will set your application apart. Over the course of the year, we’ll work with you to develop your list of dream schools, meet with college representatives, and even plan trips to visit those colleges and universities that interest you most.
  • 12th Grade

    This is the year for college applications! First, you’ll have another chance to take the SAT or ACT, if desired or needed. As your college counselors, we’ll then guide you through the financial aid process and start looking for scholarship opportunities, too. Once all of your applications are complete, we know that you’ll be thinking about how you’d like to spend your last days at Kiski. In addition to considering what mark you would like to leave on your high school community, you’ll likely also want to explore those classes and activities that you’ve always wanted to try.

    In our final months together and after colleges release regular and rolling admission decisions in early April, we’ll meet with you to discuss your various opportunities and financial aid packages and, ultimately, help you decide what school you will attend.

Meet Our Team

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  • Photo of Megan Neumeister

    Megan Neumeister 

    Director of College Counseling
    Smith College - B.A.
    University of Pennsylvania - M.S.Ed.
    Year Appointed: 2009

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    Mr. Jon Shelton 

    The Kiski School
    Assistant Director of College Counseling
    Providence College - M.Ed
    University of Maryland - B.A

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  • Photo of Francesca DeCarlo

    Francesca DeCarlo 

    College Counselor and Office Manager
    University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg - Bachelor's
    Year Appointed: 2023
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