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Join us to discuss the upcoming school year and how Kiski is prepared to make the return to educating our boys. Our Asked & Answered Sessions will allow parents to finally ask the questions they have been thinking throughout the summer.

Questions like, is my son going to be safe if I send him back to school? What will school look like if we do return him to the classroom? What impact will the pandemic have on his path to college?

We want you to feel confident and empowered to make the decision that is best for your son's educational journey this fall. Join us to see how Kiski might be the right choice.

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Jun 22 @ 7 pm - Academic Programs & College Counseling 
Jul 13 @ 7 pm - General Info Session
Jul 27 @ 7 pm  - Academic Programs & College Counseling 
Aug 3 @ 7 pm - General Info Session
Aug 10 @ 7 pm - Boarding School Experience 
Aug 17 @ 7 pm - Athletic Program 
Aug 24 @ 7 pm - Academic Programs & College Counseling

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