Giving Tuesday Is November 29, 2022

Giving Tuesday is a national day of philanthropy when non-profits ask supporters to make gifts to their worthy causes by following days of commerce (Black Friday, Small-Business Saturday and Cyber Monday) with a day dedicated to giving.

Kiski successfully joined this non-profit initiative in 2015, and the Kiski community has rallied together each year to surpass the challenges created for that day. In doing so, they have unlocked tens of thousands of dollars in funding for our boys in just 24 hours, each year.

Our 2022 Giving Tuesday goal is to receive gifts from 225 donors during that special day.

Kiski Fund gifts made throughout the year support the annual operating budget. Therefore, Kiski Fund contributions support all facets of the budget and each Kiski Boy’s life-changing experience. Your participation on any level also acts as a vote of confidence in our School that foundations reference when considering their major gifts to Kiski. Over the last decade, foundations have invested nearly $10 million in Kiski.

Please consider all of the positive results your gift can inspire by making a contribution to The Kiski Fund on Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022. 


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Giving Tuesday?

    Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Charitable organizations worldwide encourage their supporters to consider making a contribution on that specific day.
  • How much do I have to give to count?

    A gift of any size will help us toward our goal. Each household can only count once toward the goal.
  • What if I already made my Kiski Fund gift this year?

    While there is no expectation that you make another gift, we would welcome your additional support – in any amount – and can count it toward the Giving Tuesday goal. 
  • What does a gift to the Kiski Fund support?

    Kiski Fund gifts are directly applied to the annual operating budget. These are needs that are already calculated into the academic year, not extras. While The Kiski Fund, therefore, supports the entire Kiski budget and the transformation experience for each Kiski Boy, more specific areas of support include: funding for curriculum enhancement, art supplies, athletic travel and equipment, building and grounds maintenance, financial aid, and student activities.
  • Will my gift be tax deductible?

    Yes. Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.
Current as of 12/5/22 2:45 pm (Record) 

OVERALL: 323!! [Goal: 225]

Most by a Decade (X0-X9)
44 by the 80s (48 by the 90s in 2021)
37 by the 90s
34 by the 70s
33 by the 60s 
20 by the 00s
18 by the 10s
Most by a Class
12 by 1971 (13 by 1999 in 2018)
8 by 1989
7 by 1962, 1986, 1993
6 by 1964, 1980, 1985, 2000
5 by 1988, 1990, 1991, 1998, 2017
4 by 1965, 1969, 1973, 1977, 1982, 1996, 2002, 2015, 2022
Current Parents and Grandparents
Parents of Alumni
Faculty, Staff, Past Fac/St

Thank you to our Giving Tuesday donors!
(list does not update automatically. Last updated 12/5/22 2:45 pm)

Donald Osborn '44
Alan Clark '47
Edwin Miller '49
Jack Love '51
Frank Urbany '51
James Maloney '53
Bob Lamoree '55
Harvey Barkley '56
Bill Corbet '56
George Weiss '56
Scott Campbell '57
Thomas Holland '58 
Peter Lawrence '58
Michael Vuchnich '58
Reno DiOrio '59
Harvey Goss '60
Dick Kneedler '61
Chip Harvey '62
Roger Kishman '62 
Bryant Mason '62 
John Ratcliff '62
Terry Slease '62
Steve Williams '62
Jacob Zeigler '62
Karl Artz '63 
Ned Entwisle '63
Jim Hilliard '63
Alan Andreini '64 
Phil Cayford '64 
Marshall Goldberg '64 
Colvin McCrady '64
Robert Nicholson '64
Gerry Yukevich '64
Bornie Borntraeger '65 
Rick Kunkle '65
George Love '65 
Mark Scott '65
Bill Coffman '66
David Mendelson '66 
Laurence Shiff '66
David Gregg '67
Art Hayes '67 
J.D. Michael '67
Sam Gordon '68
Peter Schneller '68 
Peter Boesel '69
Terry Reese '69 
Robert Shrock '69
Steve Suhey '69
Randall Hoffman '70
Kim McCoy '70
Greg Tobias '70
Dave Amrhein '71
Len Eisenbeis '71
Kevin George '71
Andy Gustafson '71
A.J. Kreimer '71
John Letendre '71
Rob Marshall '71
Peter Martorelli '71
Kevin Maxwell '71 
Jim Moore '71
Bob Ondocsin '71 
David Wismar '71
Jeff Bondy '73
Bill Bower '73
Scott Miller '73
Mark Place '73
Stephen Friedberg '74
Doug Moore '74 
John Shoemaker '74
Peter Easton '75
Dave DeSimone '76
Blane McCann '76
James DiMarzio '77
John George '77
Pat Greenwell '77
Joseph Topel '77
John Aigler '78
Dave Plusquellic '78
Dave Hitchcock '79
Doug Mosites '79
Mike Rock '79
Jeff Floro '80
Michael Hile '80 
David Smith '80
Steven Stout '80
Jeff Urbany '80
Martin Van Fossan '80 
Paul Zanardi '81
Bill Gardner '82
David Harouse '82
Thomas Hill '82
Jim Reich '82
Bruce Brown '83
Kevin McCaffrey '83
Lex Winans '83
Harry Buell '84
David Conrad '85
Randall Faust '85
Adam Gardner '85
Craig Hill '85
Thomas Reiling '85
John Wiegand '85
Randy Brownell '86
Frank Kowalczyk '86 
John McSorley '86
Brendan Moriarty '86
Rob Patterson '86
Anthony Sheesley '86
Kyle Webb '86
Bill Kendall '87
John Kresho '87
Brian Murphy '87
Tom Ashcraft '88
Bob Fleck '88
Robert Galisin '88
Jay Pignatello '88
Steve Szilagyi '88 
Mike Bair '89
John Bash '89
Mike Bennett '89 
John Jacob '89
Rick Karas '89
Matthew Kirkpatrick '89
Brad Kosanovich '89
Bryson VanNostrand '89 
Stevan Ferguson '90 
Jake Fuellhart '90
Leif Honda '90
Chris Kooman '90
Patrick Regan '90 
Dave Cahouet '91
Neil Hart '91
Rob Kurth '91
Scott Provost '91
Marcus Schlegel '91
Hal Ostrow '92
Logan Powell '92
David DeSimone '93
Brandon Kooman '93
Mick Nardelli '93
Jack Peffer '93
Caleb Sturges '93
Mike Sule '93
Derek Swank '93
Joe Ott '94
Chris Superior '94
Walter Willoughby '94
Brian Fox '96 
Scott Hamilton '96
Darren Silvis '96
Andrew Strickland '96
Hugh Gallagher '97 
Will Porter '97
Jeremy Walker '97
Bob Estocsin '98
Adam Powell '98
Ben Schweikert '98
Jesse Walker '98
Brett Yost '98
Enrico Lunardi '99
Michael Peccon '99
Clayton Zelazowski '99
Jeff Clawson '00
Cory Gray '00
Noah Heck '00
Michael Rosidivito '00
Harry Seibel '00 
Daniel Williams '00 
Ben Beas '01
Michael Astolos '02
Matean Aziz '02
John Lombardo H'02
Jim Scott '02
TJ Stock '04
David Good '05
John Karian '05
Nicholas Mitricka '05
David Ward '06 
Rob Marshall '08
Rosi Rosidivito '08
Edward Poon '09
Matthew Zang '11
Scott Cohen '12
Alex Louie '12 
Christian Fernandez '13
Miller Hepler '13
August Luptak '13
Ben Tackett '14
Bill Gardner '15
Clayton Hepler '15
Keith Kamons '15
Will Swain '15
Ben Gardner '17
Peyton Manko '17
Thomas Rubino '17 
Wilson Smith '17
DeJuan Webb '17
Nathan Manko '18 
TJ Spahn '18
Ben Foster '19 
Patrick Jacob '20
Jacob Renaud '20
JP Suozzi '20
Dante Parisotto '21
Devon Root '21
Preston Aldridge '22 
Marcus Muster H'22
Jackson Smith '22
Eric Ward '22

Parents and Grandparents of Alumni
Stephen and Mary Aldridge P'22
Teresa and Alan Andreini P'98

Bill Bower P'00, P'01
Barbara and Joseph Capece P'04
Nancy and Phil Cayford GP'17
Linda and Bill Coffman P'87
Kathy and George DeSimone P'93
Emily and David Devey P'11
Ann Downs-Kleindorfer GP'08
Melissa and Stevan Ferguson P'22
Tracy and Jeffery Fischer P'22
Judith and Patrick Gallagher P'15 
Debbie and Bill Gardner P'15, P'17, P'21
Gina and John Guldenschuh P'14
Patti Hackney P'04
Nancy Hartshorn P'89
Lori Heinel P'11
Amy and Robert Hepler P'13, P'15
Leah and Randall Hoffman P'99
Jane Horn P'90 
Jessica and Atiba Jackson P'22
Melinda and John Jacob P'18, P'20
Judith Jessup P'90
Bill Kendall P'22
Suzanna Kendall P'22
Jen and Brad Kwiatek P'17
Jamie and Michael Ladakos P'17 P'20
Analisa Lafontant GP'20
Amber and Gregory Leechalk P'22
Geri and John Lombardo P'02
Tammy and Richard Manko P'17, P'18
Rob Marshall P'08
Kristine and Kevin McCaffrey P'14
Monique and Scott Mears P'20
Linda and Scott Miller P'08
Mary Grace and Marcus Muster P'16
Ellen and Harvey Ostrow P'92
Leslie and Mark Poston P'08
Sharon Rogel P'99, P'02, P'08
Orly Rogers-Figueroa and Jose Figueroa P'22
Holly and Brad Root P'21
Preetmatie and Mark Rosidivito P'00, P'08
Carla and Joe Ross P'01, P'02
Mercedes and Perry Russ P'20
Frederick Slack and Sarah Foust P'16
Betsy and Peter Stein P'94
Louise and Steve Suhey P'99
Jennifer and Joe Suozzi P'20
Rita and Edward Superior P'94
Tara and Steve Szilagyi P'21
Monica and Tyron Tillman P'20
Mary and Vincent Ugoletti P'16
Cindy and Jeff Urbany P'10, P'12
Frank Urbany P'80
Gretchen and Bryson VanNostrand P'22
Nicole and Robert Waltrip '22
Kelly and Jason Ward P'22
Allison and Kyle Webb P'17
Christine and Clark Wittmer P'00

Current Parents and Grandparents
Farah Acevedo and Darwin La Paz P'24
Sandra and Frank Ammon GP'25
Lance Anderson and Diana Kimball-Anderson P'25
Reema and Brian Anderson P'24
Jennifer and Michael Callahan P'23
Carlene and Godfrey Campbell P'24
Darlene and Mark Cornman P'24
Donna and Alex Corridoni P'24
Andrea and Peter Cuda P'24, P'24
Greybby Cuello and Juan Torres P'25
Denis Dore and Annie Lecavalier P'24
Erin and Steve Evanchec P'24
Wendy and Steven Feinstein P'23
Melissa and Stevan Ferguson P'25
Nicole Flock and Megan Walsh P'23
Heather and Brian Fox P'25
Jennifer and Shane Fretts P'25
Michelle and Adam Gardner P'23
Melissa and John Gates P'25
Stephanie and David Good P'25
Kenneth Greep and Jamie Wilson P'24
Neil Hart P'23, P'24
Jolene and George Hernandez P'24
Kelly and Nathan Horton P'26
Brenda Irizarry Fontanez P'24
Melinda and John Jacob P'23
Daniel Jones and Sadie MacDougall P'26
Bill Kendall P'26
Suzanna Kendall P'26
Liana Khayerdinov P'26
Jessica and William Kronen P'25
Jamie and Michael Ladakos P'26
Analisa Lafontant GP'23
Melissa Liddell and Steve Kelly P'25
Geri and John Lombardo GP'25
Pierre-David Marceau and Stephanie Robert P'23, P'25
Lori and Kevin McNellie P'25
Monique and Scott Mears P'23
Jose Mendiolaza P'23
Maribeth and John Misitis P'24
Meredith and Eric Mockenhaupt P'24
Patrick Morrison and Yu Hua Tan P'25
April and Doug Mosites P'25
Xavi Mujal Closa and Silvia Encinas P'25
Mark Orsatti P'24
Silvina Orsatti P'24
Temitope and Olubukola Osinubi P'26
Carmen Prieto Pastor and Vicente Ramon Redondo Monsalve P'25
Kelley and Scott Provost P'25
Christine and Joe Reyes P'24
Patricia Sabugueiro Fernandez and Antonia Gestoso Rodriguez P'24
Charles Sanchez and Joannie Cuello P'23
Anthony Scholes and Kathy Borgiel P'23
Adria and John Scott P'24
Susan and Peter Shea P'23
Tammy and David Smith P'24
Amina Thomas P'24
Lisa and Chris Tucker P'23
Brad Waller and Amy Maebrae-Waller P'25
Kelly and Jason Ward P'24
Amy Wilburn and Steve Dunkelberger P'25
Marianne and Tom Williams P'24
Devon Wood and Ian Winter P'26
Jun Zheng P'24

Faculty, Staff, Past Faculty
Sandy Acquard
Anita Bafik
Pete Bonds
Bill Bower '73
Chris Brueningsen
Mitchell Czerniak
Reno DiOrio '59
James Hilliard '63
Judith Jessup
Brian Kapustik
Chantel Kapustik
Brad Kwiatek
Jen Kwiatek
Vince Kwiatek
Geri Lombardo
John Lombardo H'02
Jonty Loukes
Brendan Moriarty '86
Marcus Muster H'22
Mary Grace Muster
Megan Neumeister
Craig Olear
Mark Orsatti
Silvina Orsatti
Leslie Poston
Mark Rhodehamel
Rosi Rosidivito '08
Carla Ross
Joe Ross
Brian Serbin
TJ Stock '04 
Steve Szilagyi '88
Ben Tackett '14
Francene Tucker
Mary Ugoletti
Dora Wawrzyniak
Damien Williams
Doug Yoder

Friends of Kiski
Karen and Richard Brean
Carolyn and Robert Buzzard
Kathleen Glick
Peter Lyczak
Faith and William Martin
Natalie Nichols
Richard Sheridan
Katey Shook
Greg Varner

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