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Kiski Partners With AEG-Vietnam for Dual Diploma Program

Kiski is pleased to announce that it has partnered the well known American Education Group (AEG) in Vietnam to develop a Dual Diploma Program with students served in their education centers. Students in grades 10-12 will be taught humanities courses using Kiski’s curriculum as they work toward graduation and earning a diploma from Kiski.  

English instruction will happen in AEG’s network of education centers across Vietnam, and students can choose to attend Kiski for the history summer session, or they can take those courses in AEG’s education centers. Some students in this program may choose to spend a year or more as a boarding student at our campus in Saltsburg. This program offers students across Vietnam the flexibility to tailor an educational experience that meets the needs of their individual goals in a way that works best for them.

We are very excited about this program and the positive impacts it will have on our students in Saltsburg and Vietnam. 

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